A Wedding Gown.

I see how the Lord is sowing, he is stitching together a big garment. It’s a beautiful flowing white garment like a tunic. It is made up of all different churches and Christian associations in our land. God is doing something brand new, knitting us together as one! Just receive it and believe it. It is happening now! It’s a wedding gown made ready for the Prince of peace, who is coming to take his rightful place in our nation. He is the King of Sweden! And the path has been cleared for him to come and sit on the throne of worship in our land, in our churches as we unite as one, and in our hearts! We love you Jesus!!!

The glory of God is coming on our land. 

There is such a tremendous amount of glory coming over this land. It is as though the Lord has waited for the appointed time, to pour out a vast bucket of glory on our land. Now is that time, now is God’s kairos. Now God is coming to make our  country his abode, the tabernacle of his glorious presence. 

It is a new day, a new time, according to Isa 43:18. Forget the former things, says the Lord of the harvest. I am doing something brand new! It is harvest time for Sweden, for Scandinavia even! We must prepare accordingly, we must open our barns wide open for the gathered harvest to come in! We must turn from focusing inward, from maintaining status quo, to become fishers of men in the market place!

The Lord says the time we are entering, even as we celebrate Rosh Hashana, the beginning of the jewish new year, that an unprecedented time of harvest is approaching! It is going to be so ripe in the following months, that you can stretch out your hand and pick the fruit from the branches. It will just fall off very easily. 

There is also fruit that is so ripe that it has fallen to the ground already. It needs to be gathered, hand-picked quickly, not to be damaged. 

This harvest will take place both through big gatherings in great numbers, but also much increase in our individual lives, at work, through outreach, and friendships. We must be very sensitive to the voice of the Spirit, and dare to step out in faith. As we do miraculous things will happen. We will begin to see people healed, delivered and completely restored on a whole new level in our everyday lives, as well as in our churches.

Ask the Lord how he wants you to prepare, and just yield to his purposes, his heart revealed to you at this time. It will truly be awesome, as God continues to reveal himself and his glory in and through his people in our land today. Amen, let it come, Lord! 

Align with the Lord!

It is time to align with me, says the Lord! It is time to stand tall, to rise up, to stand as one, and align with me! 

I see as a herd of lions, beautiful creatures, agile, smooth, powerful, shining almost, moving about. They are ready, prepared, on guard as it where. They have been awakened, they have been marinated in love, they have been soaked in the Presence. They have been anointed and well fed. And the order is being given, shouted out: arise! Stand together as one! Align with the Master, align with the Father, align with the King! He, the Lion King, is standing before them, before us, with a banner waving in the air, a banner of victory! There is a sense of urgency, yet order.

Align! May no one break ranks! Stand to attention! 

It is time to walk together, to follow as one the purposes of God for such a time as this. God has a specific plan, a specific time for everything to come to pass. This is what his Kairos means, his right exact time for something to take place. God moves everything along according to his purpose. We must seek his face, seek his perfect will for us right now, and swiftly and willingly, humbly, and wholeheartedly, align with them. 

It is not time for God to try to persuade us to care, to convince us to be bothered. It is not time for apathy to linger on us any longer as a wet blanket or heavy cloud. It is time to align!

As we align, that is, make a stand and every effort to be lined up with, in agreement with, Gods NOW, we will help usher in this purpose in and through us. All of heaven is activated and readied to help bring this about, as we align with God.

Make no mistake about it. God knows exactly what he is doing at this exact point in time. And he knows exactly what it takes for his kingdom to continue to be made manifest in the earth. Just align, and he will do exactly that through you, and all the lions and lionesses standing with you!


Soothed by the angels.

I read a word from a fellow prophet yesterday on the importance of remembering the angels and receiving their help as they come to guide and lead us. The Bible is clear that they are ministering spirits, sent to minister to our needs. 

I wanted to share what I just experienced myself in relation to angels. I am not used to seeing them with my physical eyes, but quite often through my spiritual vision. 

Today, I rested in my parents house, with a sore back. I felt very weary and burdened down from having battled various things during the weak. I was even then wrought in by various things that I needed to get done, problems to solve and things that felt heavy. I felt a bit worn out and stretched by all this. I have also felt vulnerable and a bit overwhelmed by certain things and circumstances during the weak. 

Last weak I felt the Lord nudging me to step out with my new ministry, A voice to the nations, and to walk in faith through a new door that opened up. But as I had done this, I started feeling like an open target for many arrows of different kinds to be shot at me. This happened in relationships, at work, with my kids, even physically with my back getting sore again. It felt like an opposition that wasn’t normal, and that I have come to recognize as the warfare of the enemy. I have since asked some friends to pray for me. 

But when I had sat down to rest in the chair at my parents house this morning, to rest my back, something wonderful happened. I had just been crying, sharing with my dad what was going on. Suddenly, I felt and saw spiritually how a few angels surrounded me. They were carrying bowls of water, and towels. They dipped towels in the water, and began to wipe my forehead with them. Suddenly, I felt this refreshing sense come upon me, and a sense to just relax, rest and receive their “treatment”. I also felt somehow oil dripping on me, like ointment, in places that were dry or sore, kind of “parched” or broken.

How beautiful this experience was! It didn’t last long, after a little while I just continued on with some of the things on my list. But, looking back on this morning, I can see that everything went smoothly, I got a lot done, and it didn’t feel like a chore. 

I’m just reminded that I went to my parents house to ask for some stronger meds for my back that I didn’t have at home. So my dad in heaven also gave me some medicine! He is so good. 

He is a good, good Father. Psalms says that he doesn’t withhold anything good from us as we trust him. I can so testify that that is true. Just open yourself up to his love and care right now. Allow his angels to come and refresh you too. God knows your needs. Rest in his presence.

Sveriges ödestimma.

Det är Sveriges ödestimma, säger Herren. Land, land, land, hör Herrens ord! Hans ord flammar som ett svärd över vårt land! Nu är räddningens tid. 

Alla som ropar på mig, säger Herren, ska bli räddade! Men det är Sveriges ödestimma. Det är ett öppet fönster över vårt land, av nåd och åter nåd! När Gud säger NU mina barn, NU mitt folk! Se dig inte om, se dig inte åt höger eller vänster. Se på mig! Sök mig medan jag låter mig finnas! Det är en besökelsetid, när Gud själv stiger ner för att söka efter sitt folk, söka efter den som gått vilse. 

Samla er, säger Herren. Samla er till bön, samla er till fasta. Ropa till mig, så ska jag låta min dyrbara nåd regna över er! Jag ska göra ett verk i ert land, i denna tid, som ni inte ens hört talas om! För jag är en stor Gud, säger Herren! Jag ska ge nåd till den som söker mig med ett öppet hjärta. Jag ska ge nåd till den jag vill. Jag är full av nåd och kärlek, full av barmhärtighet. 

Det är en tid av nya saker, nya gränser, ny kraft från mig till den som ger sig helt till mig och låter sig användas av mig som jag vill säger Herren. Det är en tid av färsk olja, färsk smörjelse, direkt från himlen, över er mitt folk. Ta emot min nåd. Vänd er bort från allt som inte för oss samman. Vänd er till mig, ta emot av mig, och låt mig få använda er för mitt rike är här på denna plats, i denna tid. Åh, det är en oerhört viktig tid, och det är jag som har samlat, kallat, mobiliserat er, mitt folk. För en tid som denna! 

Hör mig. Hör mig, och ni ska få se mina verk, se min kraft och kärlek uppenbarad på ett helt nytt sätt. Ni ska få inta landet. 

A new time is here.

I can see the Father pouring out his goodness over our land, over Sweden. He is smiling as he is looking at the land, and he is holding a can which he is using to pour out a fresh oil, a fresh stream, yes, a river over our land. It is a river of healing, of joy, of divine life, of the Fathers love. He is rejoicing in seeing the shift, the change in the atmosphere that is taking place as a result right now. People are looking up, stunned at what they are tasting and feeling. The goodness of God is being lavished on them. The prayers have been heard, the stream has been unlocked, the call to come out is being heard. People everywhere are being touched by the Father’s love, being awakened, healed, restored and brought to new life. Streams of people are pouring out of the churches and streams of people on the streets are being touched. How beautiful indeed. A new time has come.

A Prepared Bride.

I am coming soon says the Lord. I am coming to meet a prepared Bride says the Lord. I am seeing to this right now. As you are facing a world that trembles and shakes in turmoil and darkness, I am working out my purpose in the midst of you, says the Lord. I am going to have a pure Bride says the Lord. Nothing can thwart my purpose.

Don’t look to the left or to the right. It is I who am stirring you up, up out of your comfort zones says the Lord. I will no longer contend with my Body sitting in pews inside the church buildings while the world is going astray. Up, up, up, says the Lord Almighty, says the Lord of Hosts. I, who am counting the stars, I know each hair upon your heads says the Lord. I know who is mine, who belongs to me in this time. I am counting you!

Leave your old ways, leave your comfortable pews and coffee tables. Take my hand, come out with me out into the highways and byways. Let me use you to bring my healing and comfort, to pour my anointing oil to a bruised and desperate world. As you let me pour my oil of love and healing through you, I am cleansing and beautifying YOU to be my restored and ready Bride says the Lord!

I am coming soon to unite myself with you, my beloved Bride. Will I find any faith when I return? The blood of Abel is calling out to me even now. I have seen all the injustice, all the pain, all the suffering of a bound and broken people all over this earth says the Lord. You, my people, you my Bride, is who I have chosen and anointed for such a time as this!

Arise and shine! I will do something completely new through you, as you move forward with courage in this day. Don´t hesitate any longer. I want to use you. I don´t want to have to look for another. Say yes today. I love you. I long for you.

IMG_3074The Bridegroom.


Who is this King of Glory.

Who is this King of Glory? It is He who has captured my heart. Once, in a moment of encountering his power, he so possessed my heart, he so melted my inner being, he so branded me with his sheer love that I became a different person. I fell so deeply in love with him in that moment, that it has never disappeared.

I have since encountered rejection, opposition, temptation, illness, abuse, loneliness, fear, pain and intense spiritual battle. But nothing within or without has ever extinguished this deep love for Jesus in the core of my heart. See Rom 8:28 and also 5:8. You see, this love is a divine gift infused in me through the Holy Spirit. It will not and cannot be quenched (see Song of Songs 6:8). Nothing can separate me from this love. And through everything it is my ecstatic joy to worship him, the King of Glory.

He has ruined me for the ordinary. He has blessed me beyond measure. Nothing compares to his amazing love and companionship.

I know I have many more ups and downs to follow. There will be struggles, warfare and hardships. But the only way is up! Through it all I’m walking towards heaven, towards eternal bliss in beautiful fellowship with my beloved.

Jesus loves you beyond words. Just open your heart and receive his love today. Let the King of Glory come in and make his home within you! He is longing to shower you with his love and power today. You will never recover. 



To trust and do.

In the school of prophecy:

I have learnt to go and trust what I hear more, without waiting for confirmation. This is so exciting. I discover the Lord is training me in small things in a clearer way in this than before, in everyday situations and events. 

Like, I’m getting a sense to go and visit my parents, a short journey by bus from where we live.

My urge then is to check with them if they are home, obviously it’s nicer to have someone to visit than to have the house empty when I get there.

But then I hear the still small voice that I’ve come to recognize as the Spirit. Telling me not to check, just to trust that they are home and go, since he has told me to go and see them!

This doesn’t seem like very groundbreaking stuff, perhaps. But I find that continuously the Lord likes to stretch us to listen and trust his voice in every circumstance. The more we do, the more grounded and secure we become in just resting and following him like a sheep the shepherd.

It really works like this. This one you can dare try “at home” for yourself. Remember it’s about following the voice, when it speaks, not about going before him.

Bless you!